North Carolina Mediation Centers


Every Father Counts thru with the Mediation Network of North Carolina (MNNC) to work to ensure that mediation services that meet father’s needs are available including mediation of disputes between: neighbors, businesses/professionals and their customers, landlords and tenants, and family members, including divorce mediation and mediation between parents and teens.  Services are usually very affordable. Centers operate through a combination of staff and volunteers.  Many centers are also at work within community institutions: serving North Carolina courts by helping those involved in misdemeanor criminal cases resolve their disputes, working with schools to make peer and truancy mediation programs available, and helping governmental entities, interest groups and citizen’s address and resolve public policy disputes. Centers operate both in urban and rural areas. Centers serving rural areas tend to be organized regionally and serve a larger territory. To learn more about the centers and the services they provide, visit the MNNC web site at


Three centers that work outside of the MNNC network are listed below. 

Carolina Dispute Settlement Services

Diann Seigle, Executive Director

2300 Rexwoods Drive

Suite 120

 Raleigh, NC 27607

 Telephone: 919-755-4646

 Fax: 919-755-4644

 Web Site:

 Mediation & Restorative Justice Center

 Melissa Johnson, Executive Director

  133 North Water Street

  Boone, NC 28687



 Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc.

  1835 Davie Avenue, Suite 401

  Statesville, NC 28687

  Telephone: 704-873-7624

  Web Site:








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