What should I expect from counseling?

Counseling or therapy is a collaborative process where an individual, couple or family discusses life circumstances with a professional with the goal of helping improve functioning, fostering personal growth and increasing general wellness.

Counseling can be helpful for many, in offering an opportunity to openly explore issues and find effective, real world solutions to life’s challenges.


In the Triangle Area, contact:

Mark Bailes, LCSW, BCD (919) 783-7494
Nathan Berolzheimer, MSW, LCSW  (919)-302-0716
Doug Jennette, MSW, LCSW (919) 781-6393
Mike Katz, PhD (919) 781-0852
Richard Kevin, PhD (919) 878-7800
Lou Lipsitz, LCSW (919) 782-4980
David Perry (919) 847-9504
Richard Stolp, Phd (919) 571-0917
Joe Gilbert, M.Ed, LPC (919)429-7835 X 203
Bernie Newton, LPC (919)526-0256

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