Who is Every Father Counts?

Who We Are

Established in NC in 2011, Every Father Counts was created to close the gap in services being provided in the capacity of support groups, mediation, advocacy, and counseling for fathers.  EFC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of family-focused citizens throughout the state.  To meet our leadership and staff, and to learn more about the impact we are making along with our donors and community partners, visit www.everyfathercounts.org.


Every Father Counts

 Every Father Counts Inc. (www.everyfathercounts.org)

PO Box 32218

Raleigh, NC 27622

Telephone: (855) 444-DADS



Every Father Counts is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit that sponsors programs and  advocacy in support of the father/child relationship. We believe every father deserves the opportunity to have a positive relationship with their children; our resources empower fathers to have positive relationships with their children. 

Every Father Counts includes:

  • Headquarters staff providing strategic planning, coordination, and support designed to engage, encourage, educate, and empower fathers
  • A network of fathers seeking to strengthen their homes and communities
  • A network of ministry leaders educating fathers in a small life group setting
  • A team of qualified trainers committed to helping fathers establish a healthy life balance
  • Broadcasters, media, and other affiliates promoting the importance of fathers
  • A team of donors providing resources to engage, encourage, educate, and empower fathers


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Mission of Every Father Counts (EFC)?

Our mission is to raise the importance of fathers in America.


How does EFC accomplish its mission?

EFC engages, encourages, educates, and ultimately empowers fathers to build healthy relationships with their children.


What services does EFC provide?

EFC will provide direct assistance to fathers and be a clearinghouse for a wide range of referrals as well as being a leader in advocating for father/child relationships.


Does EFC have a verified nonprofit status?

 Yes. EFC is a 501(c)(3) designated North Carolina based nonprofit. 


What is EFC’s spending ratio? 

EFC directs 75% of the charity budget towards programs and services and 25% toward operational expenses. 


How does EFC measure its success?

Several ways. First, many of our skill-building resources that are used to educate fathers have built-in evaluation tools, and independent evaluations show that our resources significantly change fathers' attitudes and increase their confidence and knowledge.


What is the EFC accountability and transparency practices?

Phone: (855) 444-DADs (press 3 for the Business Office)

Email: EFC@everyfathercounts.org 


How is EFC funded?

EFC is supported by a variety of funding sources. Individual donors, corporations, private foundations and government grants support our various efforts. 


Do you have a chapter near me? Can you refer me to a local organization running a fatherhood program?

Currently EFC has chapters in  Wake and Johnston County; however we can refer you to a local fatherhood programs.  Please contact us at members@everyfathercounts.org. 


How can I help EFC?

EFC is always looking for volunteers.  Please contact me at volunteer@everyfathercounts.org


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